A Guide To Finding The Right Degree Programme For You

A Guide To Finding The Right Degree Programme For You

As a student fresh out of highschool, it can be quite intimidating to figure out your degree and future career path. But, it is important that you are aware of your dislikes, interests and passions. If you have always shown a clear interest in biology or health, maybe you should study biomedical courses in Malaysia. Continue reading this article to find out more. 

study biomedical courses in malaysia

What are biomedical courses?

Pursuing a degree related to biomedical science is a stepping stone to working in a variety of fields such as education, medical practice, sales, hospital and institutional work. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree in biomedical science can pursue postgraduate study in health professions to become a certified medical doctor, podiatrist, dentist and many more sections in the health field.

A few examples of courses that a student interested in studying biomedical courses in Malaysia would be:

▶ Cell Biology
▶ Genetics
▶ Biochemistry
▶ Microbiology
▶ Anatomy and Physiology
▶ Pharmacology 

What is your career path as a biomedical student?

It is important for you to know that it is a very competitive sector of employment, and many employers require you to have a period of relevant work experience. Having work experience definitely increases your chances of getting further training, or better yet, employed. Some degree courses include one year of placement to help students gain some experience in the working field, in either laboratories or for scientific research. Apart from that, undergraduate students should also take the initiative to send out applications for an opportunity to gain some experience, even if the employer states that they are looking for new employees with lots of previous working experience. Getting some working practice of lab techniques, as well as providing evidence to your interest in the medical and scientific field is a huge plus point.

Typically, biomedical students can apply for these jobs:

▶ Biotechnologist / Biomedical scientist
▶ Clinical research associate
▶ Clinical scientist – Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology
▶ Forensic scientist
▶ Microbiologist
▶ Research scientist (life sciences, medical)

Jobs where your biomedical degrees will come in handy:

▶ Occupational hygienist
▶ Neuroscientist
▶ Science writer
▶ Crime scene investigator
▶ Pathologist

Many employers will still be accepting applications from graduates that hold a degree majoring in a different subject, so do not be afraid to apply to other jobs too. 

Fresh biomedical graduates can look for job opportunities in the academic departments of university hospitals, forensics departments (private or government owned), charity or government-funded labs, private pathology laboratories and even research laboratories in public or private hospitals. Other than that, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries often employ biomedical graduates as research & development (R&D) executives, quality assurance and sales executives. We hope that reading this article has lit up a spark of interest in you to try considering to study biomedical courses in Malaysia

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