Why Choose To Be A Doctor?

Why Choose To Be A Doctor?

We need more doctors

People look forward to young people like you selecting this wonderful profession, becoming a doctor, providing the treatment they require and making the world a better place. Since 2006, when the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted a global shortfall of 4.3 million doctors and healthcare professionals, the demand for healthcare professionals has not seen the light of day when supply is sufficient. A doctor-to-population ratio of 1:1000 is recommended by the WHO. However, so far, only a few countries have been able to sustain that low ratio.

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Doctors save people

Being a doctor entails assisting people, relieving pain, and making them feel better. We are the individuals who look after mankind and keep it running smoothly. Patients come to us, we treat them, and then we send them on their way to live the best and happiest lives possible. What’s even better? They’ll forget who we are. Each and every one of them. Because it is about us as a people, as a collective species, not about us as individual doctors. We do what we do because it must be done, and it must be done by someone. We’re not particularly good or noble… we’re simply a bunch of idiots who volunteered!

Emotionally satisfying 

Do you know what it takes to be happy? We do, in fact. If you want to be happy, go out of your way to make people happy. That is the timeless happiness formula. By becoming a doctor, you can relieve others’ pain and suffering by providing medical care and treatment. You are a constant source of joy for many patients and their families as a doctor. You are the happiest person in the world when you bring happiness to others. Try it for yourself if you don’t trust me. Try to make just one person happy around you and watch how you feel afterwards. While there are many advantages to becoming a doctor, your happiness far outweighs the advantages of the medical profession. Pursuing one’s desire of becoming a doctor is not only a matter of pursuing a great career but also a matter of pursuing happiness.

Many job opportunities

You’d be excused for assuming that with so many specialities in medicine and surgery, that’s all you can do with the degree. But, beyond anaesthetists and brain surgeons, medicine offers a diverse range of opportunities! Perhaps as Chief Medical Officer, you’d like to advise governments or determine how concussed Premier League footballers are. Perhaps you want to use technology and engineering to make a cool app or device that will improve healthcare. As long as people are roaming around, squishy and delicate, medical training can take you pretty much anyplace.

As you can see, doctors are nothing to look down on. They offer a wide range of services that may very well be the very thing that saves you. So if you’re interested in practising medicine in the future, sign up for a family medicine training course in Malaysia right now. 

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