Some Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to be Cleaned

Some Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to be Cleaned

A septic tank is an important element that must be in every residence. A septic tank is a watertight tank and is used to accommodate and treat household-scale human waste. This tank is made with the aim of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Septic tanks are located underground and are usually built together with the foundation of the house. Septic tanks are useful for the disposal of sewage, feces, and so on, which should not be channeled into public sewers because of their filth, intended to maintain environmental health and cleanliness. In a septic tank, the wastewater and solid materials that come with it are given the opportunity to decompose and perish naturally. The water will come out after it is full and be discharged into septic wells so that it can be forwarded to groundwater without disturbing the cleanliness of groundwater.

Based on the material, there are several types of septic tanks:

1. Iron. Iron-based septic tanks are rarely used because of their shorter service life but more affordable prices.

2. Plastic. This septic tank has the same materials and properties as fiberglass. Usually, this tank has a cheaper price.

3. Concrete. It is one of the most commonly used because it has strong durability.

4. Aerobics. This tank is usually used as a backup if the main tank is in trouble. Although used as a backup, aerobic tanks have a more expensive price.

5. Fiberglass. This fiberglass tank is an option because it is not easy to crack or leak and is easier to install. However, in addition to these advantages, fiberglass can change shape due to soil texture.

How do septic tanks work?

A septic tank is a container that is used to accommodate and manage sewage waste from residential areas. The installation and manufacture of this tank must be ensured correctly because it will affect the disposal of waste such as being absorbed or distributed to a larger management site.

A simple septic tank usually consists of a container and is connected by two pipes. The pipe is useful as an entrance for waste and also for removing treated water from the tank. In addition, the pipe also functions as an outlet for air to enter the tank.

Human waste (feces) will enter the septic tank. This part will be destroyed with the media in the tank naturally. After the dirt is destroyed, the function of the decomposer bacteria will separate the dirt from the water as a whole. This process causes water contaminated with sewage, or solid waste to turn completely into liquid. Liquids that have gone through this method have a very high level of clarity, with low levels of pollution. 

So it is very safe to be disposed of in waterways. Because the wasted water is free of bacteria, germs, and the like, groundwater quality will be healthier and safer for consumption.

However, you need to pay attention to when the septic tank should be vacuumed, pumped out, and cleaned. The same is the case with household plumbing or plumbing fixtures, septic tanks will also show signs of suction, such as toilets that are often clogged or stuck, and wastewater that appears in drains such as bathtubs and sinks. An unpleasant odor coming from the drains is also a sign that the septic tank needs to be drained. There is also another case when the drain makes some noise. This means you need to clean it as this indicates a possible blockage in the drain. Find septic tank cleaning services in KL.

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