Distance Learning

What is a Distance Learning Degree?
A distance learning degree can be anything from a certificate to an associate’s to a master’s degree – the sky is the limit when it comes to possible distance learning university programs.

The Distance Learning Degree: Then and Now
Distance education has been around for a long time; at least one U.S. distance learning program dates back almost 300 years. Distance education gained popularity in the 19th century as “correspondence school” (because students and teachers corresponded over long distances).

Today, however, a distance learning degree is often completed at a remote location via various technologies including the Internet and/or audio or video technology (which can be live or pre-recorded). As time goes on, more and more schools are opting strictly for online distance learning programs.

Save Time With a Distance Learning Degree
Since distance learning university programs are often more flexible regarding when and where students complete their course-load, it means more flexibility in the students’ everyday lives. Many distance learning programs give students the opportunity to work at their own pace instead of within a set timeframe, although both options are often available. This freedom allows distance learning degree students the ability to maintain full-time jobs and/or be available for quality family time at home.

Save Money With a Distance Learning Degree
Distance learning degrees can save you money since the cost for distance learning classes is generally less than the cost of an on-campus college or university tuition. The distance learning students working from home will save on gas and transportation. There is also the probability that class materials will be available electronically, cutting down on the hefty cost of textbooks.
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