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In just two years, you can prepare for a cutting-edge job, increase your earning potential, and lay the foundation for further education. Diploma opens the door to all these possibilities.

Diploma courses are generally two-year course awarded after the completion of the minimum semester credit hours. Graduates can then choose to enter the workforce or transfer into a bachelor’s degree program, which requires an additional one to two years of study.

A typical diploma program consists of:
General education requirements
Required courses in the subject area you select for specialization, and
Compulsory subjects – National Language, Malaysian Studies and Moral or Islamic Studies

What can you do with a diploma?
Having a Diploma will prepare you for some of the fastest-growing jobs in the economy, including those in the healthcare and information technology sectors. You can also earn more money with a diploma than you would be able to with only a high school certificate. A diploma can also be an asset if you decide to pursue a bachelor degree, because in many cases you can transfer credit for classes you completed while earning your diploma.

Where can you earn a Diploma?
Diploma are usually offered at community, technical, or vocational colleges along with normal private colleges, private university colleges and private universities.
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