Why do babies have dry skin?

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It is worth noting that while babies have incredibly soft skin, this does not mean they are immune to dry skin. One of several reasons for their enviable soft skin is a very organic element known as vernix caseosa. Vernix is the milky, white substance that covers the newborn when it is born. Vernix protects the skin and acts as a barrier, aiding postnatal hydration and assisting your baby with overall moisture accumulation and retention. This wonderful, natural, organic-as-it-gets moisturiser hydrates the skin and contributes to its overall softness. These incredible benefits, however, do not last forever. Your baby may still experience dryness, Vernix or not. It’s often better to actually diagnose the source of skin dryness before attacking it.

Lengthy baths

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Avoid taking lengthy baths, especially if they are taken frequently or with extremely hot water. Allowing your child to soak in soapy or bubbly water for an extended period of time may also contribute to irritated skin. Long baths may eliminate some of your baby’s natural oils and dehydrate them, resulting in dry, rashy, itchy skin. If your skin turns red after taking a shower or bath, the water is just too hot.  Putting on a soothing baby lotion after the shower can also help to combat dryness and keep skin moisturised. Apply the product right out of the bath whilst skin is still wet for better absorption.

Cold weather

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The hydration levels in your skin decrease when the atmosphere is cold and the temperature drops. Cold air is extremely drying and can dehydrate the skin. Safeguard your newborn from a winter rash and dry flaky skin by wearing appropriate clothing for applying  non-irritating baby lotion malaysia or moisturiser. A great lotion can help secure all of the skin’s moisture and keep it from dehydrating. When you’re on the go, it’s a good idea to keep some handy inside your diaper bag. This way, you can reapply during the day to preserve your baby’s skin in good condition and avoid skin irritation.

Dry air

Dry air leads to dry, itchy skin. When the air is dry, the humidity levels are lower, and when the air is dry, the skin can become dry. The lesser the humidity levels, the more easily this can occur. Use a humidifier or vaporizer to fight the dryness in the air. A humidifier does exactly that: it adds moisture to the air. This relieves and prevents dry, flaky, or irritated skin in your baby. On a daily basis, clean your humidifier or vaporizer and refill with fresh water.

Except as otherwise directed by your paediatrician, using a lotion on your newborn is acceptable and safe. Bare in mind the sort of lotion you’re applying. Use a lotion designed specifically for a baby’s sensitive skin. You can’t just use any skin care on your baby; you have to find a lotion for baby skin. Even though the products you’re using are effective for you, gentle on your skin, dermatologically tested, and non-comedogenic, that doesn’t mean you can use them on your newborn.

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