What Bad Habits Will Potentially Cause Your Liver To Suffer Heavily?

What Bad Habits Will Potentially Cause Your Liver To Suffer Heavily?

Human bodies rely heavily on the liver for metabolism. The liver secretes bile, stores animal starch, and regulates the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Furthermore, it plays a role in detoxification, haematopoiesis, and blood clotting. Besides being the largest detoxification organ in the body, the liver is also responsible for detoxifying poisons and wastes produced in the body, as well as poisons and liver-damaging drugs consumed. Several habits that are detrimental to the liver will be discussed following.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce the liver’s ability to purify the blood, leading to an increase in toxins in the body and inducing liver damage. In addition, alcohol abuse can easily lead to liver toxicity and hepatitis. Long-term excessive drinking can easily lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Taking medication indiscriminately

Some people take medication whenever they feel unwell, and our livers are suffering from the “torment” of these drugs. There are many drugs and their metabolites that can cause liver damage and lead to drug-related hepatitis, including antibiotics, antipyretics and antipsychotics. Therefore, it is important to take medication under the guidance of a doctor and in strict accordance with medical advice. Traditional Chinese medicine is highly recommended, liver herbal supplement Proganic Malaysia, for instance, but also needs some guidance from the doctor.¬†

Lack of sleep

Staying up late is most likely to lead to liver disease. During sleep, the body goes into self-repair mode, and staying up late often can lead to both lack of sleep and decreased body resistance, as well as affecting the liver’s self-repair at night.

Excessive intake of food in a time 

Eating too much can increase the burden on the stomach and intestines and induce fatty liver. Overeating both damages the health of the gastrointestinal tract and tends to increase free radicals in the body. The key role of the liver is to help the body deal with free radicals, flush out toxins and purify the blood. The more free radicals there are in the body, the more severely the liver function is impaired.

Preference for fried foods

There are some authoritative studies have found that eating fried foods for one month can lead to significant changes in the liver. Moreover, the accumulation of fats and saturated fatty acids can lead to a fatty liver.


When too many free radicals from tobacco enter the body and exceed the body’s ability to scavenge antioxidant free radicals, it can lead to an imbalance in the oxidation-antioxidation system of the tissues in the liver, causing oxidative stress to occur, causing lipid peroxidation of cell membranes, causing tissue damage, necrosis, cell proliferation, and even fibrosis and cancer. 

Therefore, any major disease is not acquired all at once, there is a long process of development in between, and you still have to take care of yourself and establish good habits. As the liver is an important organ, any problem is not a minor one, so we must take good care of it in all aspects.

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