Staying Safe During COVID-19

Staying Safe During COVID-19

Even though COVID19 is on its way to being stabilised, it still poses a threat to communities. This disease has ravaged the world mercilessly and continues to do so. Many have lost loved ones to the disease. There are skeptics who do not believe in its existence or the cure. However, the truth stands that COVID19 is a dangerous disease that will continue to live amongst us as time goes on. While there is no cure currently available, there are a few ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from its reign. As a disease that travels through physical touch and aerially, it is a deadly and easily transmittable disease.

Practise Social Distancing

The urge to hug your loved ones is strong, however, consider the amount of bacteria and viruses that you could potentially pass on to them. The best way to ensure that they do not catch anything that you may be carrying is to practise social distancing of 1 – 2 metres apart at all times. According to the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), this range limits the bacteria’s movement greatly. With limited physical contact, you can play your part in flattening the curve. 

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Disinfect regularly

Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean is significant in times like these. Sanitizing your hands often can help keep at bay any harmful microbes that you may have come in contact with. But this does not only apply to your hands. Extend it to your clothes. Wash them regularly. Keep your car and home sanitary clean with Dr. Clo COVID 19 to help curb potential risks. A good disinfectant can effectively keep you and your loved ones safe, when travelling in cars or when at home. If you have children, explain to them in a way that they understand the current situation in a way that is easy to comprehend for them. Allow them to ask questions to deepen their understanding. 

Stay Active With Regular Exercise

Remember to take care of yourself, too. The body needs to be strong to ward off any diseases and illnesses. Being active can help boost your immune system and increase your chances of healing faster with less side effects (or none at all) from a disease. It doesn’t have to be vigorous, it just has to be consistent. Try yoga, jogging, walking or even cycling. Whatever you find exciting to do and enjoy partaking in. There are numerous services that offer online workout classes or applications that let you choose your preferred workouts. Pick ones that work for you, grab a space and a mat or towel and get sweaty. Remember to drink fluids and eat vegetables, fruits and overall, maintain a good balanced diet to keep your body healthy. 

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