Getting A Scholarship

Consult the financial aid office: The largest amount of financial aid comes from federal, state, and institutional grants. Your financial aid office can help you find information on available scholarships, grants, and loans according to your needs and background.

Contact your academic department: If you have already decided on a major, your academic department may be aware of awards designated for students in your area of study. The student aid office does not always have information on these highly specific programs, so be sure to check both.

Use a free scholarship search engine: Ask the student aid office to recommend free scholarship search sites other students have found useful. Online searches let you focus on scholarships that fit your personal characteristics, helping you target your search to only those scholarships for which you are most likely to qualify.

Never assume: Don’t believe that because you don’t have straight A’s and can’t shoot a 4 pointer, there’s nothing available to you. There are scholarships available based on hobbies, interests, background, financial need, etc. Seek out local and national organizations and associations in your areas of interest to see whether any scholarship opportunities exist.

Stack up the small scholarships: Studies show that families often overlook scholarships that are less than $1000. You may be thinking that these awards won’t even make a dent in your college costs, but adding up multiple small awards can prove to be a benefit in your scholarship quest.

Apply early: The best time to apply is NOW! Waiting too long will result in missed deadlines. Don’t wait to be accepted to a college to research and apply for private scholarships. If you don’t receive a scholarship the first time around, don’t get discouraged. Most scholarships are not limited to freshmen; you may have better luck the following year.

Even without scholarships, families can still find ways to afford college. Contact your school’s financial aid office to find out what federal, state, and institutional aid you might qualify for.

Finding money for college is a lot like taking classes: The way to succeed is to do your homework.

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