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Pedoman Kemas Sdn Bhd



No. 10, 2nd Floor,

Jalan Vivekananda, 50470, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, 

Malaysia Loans and Scholarships Malaysia Loans and ScholarshipsMalaysia Loans and Scholarships




Location Map : Pedoman Kemas
: 0122513941      

Office Hours


9.00am - 5.00pm (Mon - Fri)


Malaysia Loans and Scholarships

Weekends & Public Holidays with AppointmentMalaysia Loans and Scholarships

  Malaysia Loans and ScholarshipsMalaysia Loans and Scholarships
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Malaysia Loans and ScholarshipsMalaysia Loans and Scholarships   Malaysia Loans and Scholarships Malaysia Loans and Scholarships   Malaysia Loans and Scholarships
  About Pedoman Kemas


Pedoman the meaning in Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia is “Guide” and Kemas is “Neat”.


Pedoman Kemas translated to English the meaning is “ Neat Guide “,

Pedoman Kemas Sdn Bhd was started in 2000 in Malaysia. Pedoman’s main office is located in Kuala Lumpur and having operations and associate offices in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Pedoman Kemas core business activity is placing medical students aboard and approximately have placed more than 400 students for the decade in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

Pedoman Kemas over the years have good track record of referrals due to transparency and personnel touch service’s rendered to students during the process of placement....


  • To counsel Parents and Potential Students who wants to pursue Diploma, Degree, Masters and Doctorate program for the right course based on their academic qualifications and financial planning.

  • To assist students are focused and on the right track while pursuing their Pre University program.

  • To coordinate with universities in co hosting selection / entrance exams and admission of students.

  • Pre departure briefings with students and parents on usage of hand phones, internet facilities, banking system, visa and immigration maters, clothing’s, food, accommodation arrangements, registration in the university and safety.

  • Upon arrival, registration in the universities, assist students on adjusting to local culture and ensure students are emotionally settle down with campus life.

  We Represent the Following Universities
Malaysia Loans and Scholarships
Malaysia Education Loans & Scholarship
  Indonesia - Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Veterinary  
Malaysia Education Loans & Scholarship
Malaysia Education Loans & Scholarship
  • Medical Degree (MD)
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  Contact Information
Name : Mr. L. Ravi Dass        
Job Title : Managing Director        
H/P No : 0143239249        
  : 0122513941        
Email :        

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