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Finding Education Loan or Scholarship

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Paying for College

Financial aid for college or university always been a hot topic in Malaysia.

The reality about paying for college is that there is usually no one chunk of financial assistance that will cover all your education costs. For many students, the money required for tuition, fees, books, a computer, and other education-related charges will have to come from a combination of financial aid sources.

Federal and State Loans and Scholarships
You may qualify for PSD Scholarship from the federal government if you meet the requirements. Apart from that most states offer need-based and merit-based scholarships and study loans, be sure to find out this from the state government office.

Talk to Your School's Financial Aid Office
The primary job of your college's financial aid office is to provide you with suggestions for how to find loans and scholarships best suited to your qualifications and needs. In addition to local, state, or national award competitions to recommend, your college may have its own grant and scholarship programs.

Trade or Professional Associations
Sometimes it pays to look for college grants and scholarships right in your own back yard. Many industry trade associations offer scholarships to students wanting to advance in a relevant career and to workers who have put in many years of dedicated service. Or, if your employer has a tuition reimbursement program, talk to your Human Resources department about your eligibility and what kinds of college and career advancement programs qualify for reimbursement.

Grants and Scholarships Databases
There are a number of free online databases for students wondering how to find grants and scholarships. The grants and scholarships listed in this database are offered primarily by individual schools, private for-profit and nonprofit companies, charitable foundations, and similar institutions.

Scholarships and Study Loans Scholarships and loans

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