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Finding the Right College

Colleges in Malaysia - Diploma in Business, Engineering, IT, Aircraft, Nursing, Hotel Management

Choosing the college is no small decision, but the college search doesnít have to be a stressful process. There are over 400 colleges, universities, and university colleges to choose from in Malaysia, some known and many less known, but all worthy of your attention.

Understanding why you are going to college.

Are you going to college so you can get a particular job or change your career? Are you going back to college or university to set an example of your family or better your childís future? What do you want out of life? Will a college degree get you there? Talk with teachers, friends and family to help you answer these questions. They know you best, and can offer some perspective particular to your goals in life.

Weigh financial aid heavily in your decision. 

You can afford a particular college if you know where to look. First of all talk to your parents of how much they can afford, also you may find that colleges offer you a generous financial aid package because you are the type of student they want enrolled at their institution.

You should also consider the average salary that youíll earn after graduation to determine how much student loan you can realistically handle, if you use student loans to finance your college.

Keep an open mind for wider choice.

Comparison-shop for the best accredited college and program for your needs. When considering colleges, keep these factors in mind:

  • Is the college big or small? Where is the college? Do you want to move in order to attend college or would you prefer something local?

  • What is the student-to-faculty ratio? Will you get the attention and guidance you need from your lecturers to succeed?

  • How much does the program cost? What fees are there in addition to tuition? Is the financial loan accessible and helpful?

  • What are the graduation and job placement rates? Do students have success in finding a job shortly after graduating?

Multiple sources to get a feel for the college.

The best way to really get a feel for a college is by taking a campus tour, sitting in on a class and speaking with currently enrolled students. If youíre unable to visit the campus, visit the collegeís website to see if they have a virtual tour. Email the admissions department to ask if they can put you in touch with students or alumni in your area. If you donít find the information youíre looking for on the schoolís website, dig deeper by identifying college pages on Facebook, Google or Education Portal's where you can ask questions of the students who are part of those communities.


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