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Studying in Malaysia - Student Pass / Student Visa



Immigration procedures to enter Malaysia to study are simple and hassle-free. The requirements of the Immigration Department for international students are as follows:

All Non-Malaysian nationals who wish to study at an educational institution in Malaysia are required to hold a valid Student Pass. Dependent Pass holders, who are aged 18 years or above must apply for a student pass.

  • Diplomatic Pass
  • Dependent Pass (if you are below 18 years old)
  • Permanent Resident Status

Holders of the above passes are not required to apply for a Student Pass

Applying for Student Pass
The Malaysian Immigration Department requires the university or the college to apply for student passes on behalf of the students. Once you have chosen the right institute and after fulfilling their entry requirements, you may asked to submit the following documents to the institute for your Student Pass Application.

  • Application Form
  • Passport-size photographs (5cm x 4cm, or 2" x 1.5")
  • Two photocopies of your valid passport ─ this must include all pages, including blank pages and your passport must be valid for at least twelve months.
  • Medical Examination Report
  • Financial Ability Evidence
  • Foundation Studies students and Undergraduate students aged 25 years or above are required to provide resume ─ personal particulars, previous education, work experience, copies of academic transcripts and certificates/diplomas

The respective institute will apply for the student pass on your behalf and you will be informed the outcome by the Institute. If the application is approved, an approval letter will be issued and the institute will sent the letter to you for the next course of action. Some institutes may require you to pay the processing and application fee and other institute registration fees before the application for student pass is been made.

Entry Visa
After receiving the 'Approval for Foreign Student Studying in Malaysia' letter you should apply for an Entry Visa at your nearest Malaysian Embassy/ Consulate Office before you enter Malaysia.


  • Nationals from most Commonwealth countries do not need to apply for an entry visa. Please visit the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate Office for confirmation.
  • Nationals of the following countries must apply for an Entry Visa before travelling to Malaysia - Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • Nationals from the People's Republic of China are prohibited from entering Malaysia without an Entry Visa. Please apply for an Entry Visa from the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai.
  • Other Non-Malaysian nationals must apply for an Entry Visa before coming to Malaysia

Entry Visa is usually a Single Entry Visa

Any Entry Visa fee incurred will be borne by the student.

If you do not comply with the above Entry Visa requirement, the Malaysian Immigration authorities will impose a Journey-Performed Visa fee (which costs between RM6.50 to RM50.00, depending on your country of origin) and a processing fee of RM500.00, which must be paid at the airport before clearance.

These additional costs will be borne by the student concerned. 

The university or college representatives are required by the Malaysian Immigration to assist you with entry clearance. After the Immigration clearance, you will be taken to your accommodation or to the institutes for next course of action.

Student Pass Sticker
Once you are cleared by the Immigration a special pass will be issued to you at the Immigration check point which is valid for 14 days. After which the educational institution is required to submit the student's passport to the State Immigration Department to enable a student pass sticker to be affixed on your passport.

The student pass and visa are endorsed in the students' passport by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The endorsement indicates their visa type, the length of stay in Malaysia, the number of entries permitted into Malaysia and the validity of the student pass which is usually one year.

The student pass fee is RM60.00 a year while visa fees range from RM15 to RM90 depending on the student's county of origin. All payments of fees, issuance of student passes and visas as well as renewal of student passes can be done at the respective State Immigration Departments. Always remember that your student pass needs to be renewed yearly.

All international students will be issued an I-Kad (card) by the Immigration Department after you obtain a student pass sticker. You can use your I-Kad to show your international student status in Malaysia, but however you are advised to have your passport with you all the time.

Your family members are allowed to accompany your stay in Malaysia for the entire study duration with approval from the Immigration Department.

The permitted family members are:
Parents, spouses and children


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