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  Diploma in Paramedic Science
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Diploma in Paramedic Science
  About the course

The Diploma in Paramedic Sciences programme is a unique course, specially designed for persons with a commitment in seeking a very rewarding professional career development as an accredited internationally recognised Paramedic.

The Paramedic is one who is highly trained professionally, providing dedicated, efficient and compassionate pre-hospital care of the acutely ill and injured persons at the primary level.

Students are trained for all emergency situations, disaster management and Emergency Medical Services management. The training is highly skills based, centred on problem based learning, best practice methods and community oriented.

This will be accomplished with a focus on the needs of Malaysia with its multicultural environment and configuration of rural and urban communities. In addition, improving the quality of pre-hospital care, disaster management and providing excellent emergency medical service to the Malaysian public at the time of health crisis are given top priority.

  Course subjects might offered
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Introduction to Pharmacology
Communication with Clients & Colleagues
Occupational Safety & Health
Infection Control Policies & Procedures
Work within a Legal & Ethical Framework
Organizational Effectiveness in Health Industry
Basic Life Support
Managing an Emergency
Communication in Complex of Difficult Situation
Occupational Safety & Health
Driving Vehicles under Operational Conditions
Safe Extrication of Patient in Life Threatening Situation
Management of Personal Stressors at Work
Management of the Scene of an Event
Deliver Pre-Hospital Patient Care (Medica l/ Cardiac Emergency)
Deliver Pre-Hospital Patient Care (Trauma)
Conduct Clinical Assessment (Newborn / Paediatric)
Conduct Clinical Assessment (Geriatric)
Deliver Pre-Hospital Care (Newborn / Paediatric)
Deliver Pre-Hospital Patient Care (Geriatric Patient)
Transporting Emergency Patients
Deliver Intensive Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (Medical & Cardiac)
Deliver Intensive Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (Trauma)
Deliver Intensive Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (Newborn & Paediatric)
Deliver Intensive Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (Geriatric)
  Fee, Duration & Entry Requirements

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  Expected Fee : RM 25,000 - RM 50,000
  Duration : 3 Years
  Entry Requirements : SPM, Certificate, Foundation Studies
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Note to students:
  • Subjects, fees, duration and entry requirements may vary according to the institutes.
  • Students are advised to seek professional study counselorís help before choosing the course of study.
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