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  Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering
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Diploma in Mechatronics
  About the course

Mechatronics combines mechanical, electronic, and software engineering to create computer controlled machines and consumer products. It is the technology that underpins robotics and autonomous systems, automated manufacturing, and ‘intelligent’ microprocessor-based products.

Every day you come into contact with the products of mechatronics engineering. They include cars, CD and DVD players, microwave ovens, dishwashers and washing machines. The processes and production lines used to make these and many other products are also mechatronic in nature.

Mechatronics engineers must be familiar with mechanical engineering, computing, electronics and how these elements can be successfully combined to create a functional, successful product.

  Course subjects
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Foundation Engineering Maths
Chemistry For Engineering
Computing & Visual Basic Programming
Engineering Maths
Physics For Engineering
Engineering Drawing and Graphics
Material Science
Electrical Technology
Mechanics of Solids

Workplace Communication
Power Systems and Machines
Digital Logics
Microprocessor Systems & Interfacing
Fluid Mechanics
Instrumentation and Control Systems
Industrial Engineering and Management
Mechatronic Design Project
Industrial Automation and Control System
Industrial Electronic Devices
Numerical Control & Robotic
Mechanics of Machines

Workshop Technology

  Fee, Duration & Entry Requirements

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  Expected Fee : RM 25,000 - RM 40,000
  Duration : 2 Years
  Entry Requirements : SPM, Certificate, Foundation Studies
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  • Subjects, fees, duration and entry requirements may vary according to the institutes.
  • Students are advised to seek professional study counselor’s help before choosing the course of study.
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