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  Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design
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Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design
  About the course

The rapid advancement of technology has made digital animation available to the masses and the animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. The demand for digital animated content has expanded with the development and innovation of global technologies. This phenomenon can be seen by the influx of channels of cable and satellite digital television along with the growing popularity of the Internet.

The Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design is a programme developed to meet the growing requirements and demands of animation studios globally. The programme focuses on the development of individual creative expression using experimental and innovative animation techniques. This is accomplished through the melding of artistic application of the theories of motion, timing, storytelling, and entertainment, with the use of the most current technology required to successfully produce content in the competitive world of 2D and digital animation.

At its most fundamental stage, the Diploma also builds on conventional animation methodologies such as cell animation which was popularised by Walt Disney. Students will develop skills in drawing and the ability to visualise characters with a sense of acting and motion. Drawings on cells will then be used to dramatise the motions of humans or animals and to provide compelling narrative structure to their storytelling.

As an important part of the programme, story character development is a component that will occupy a significant amount of time in its application within the modules of study. This will afford students the opportunity to hone their research skills, their ability to construct a good story and to develop a sense of film-directing. With an emphasis on these core areas, students will be exposed to advanced digital animation techniques.

  Course subjects
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  Fundamental Drawing
3D Dimensional Studies
Theory and Practice of Design
English for Communication
History of Art and Design
Visual Communication
Digital Applications in Design
Introduction to Photography
Studio Drawing
Critical Studies
Introduction to Illustration
Visual Language
Digital Imaging
Media Literature & Films
Multimedia Authoring
Digital Animation
Digital Video
Digital Media
Professional Practice
  Fee, Duration & Entry Requirements

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  Expected Fee : RM 25,000 - RM 40,000
  Duration : 2 Years
  Entry Requirements : SPM, Certificate, Foundation Studies
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  • Subjects, fees, duration and entry requirements may vary according to the institutes.
  • Students are advised to seek professional study counselorís help before choosing the course of study.
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