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  Diploma in Industrial Design
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Diploma in Industrial Design
  About the course

Behind every manufactured product on the world’s shelves lie the creativity, innovation and technical know-how of an industrial designer. Industrial designers make products work for people. They understand why a product “feels good”, in every way. Like the form and functions of a mobile phone which matches perfectly to the dexterity of a human hand, or the shape and colour of its outer shell which connects sympathetically to the human eye.

The role of an industrial designer is to create attractive, functional products which work in the real world and fulfill a genuine market demand. That means constantly refining functionality to enhance a consumer’s experience. For example, the way that “pop-tops” for drink bottles became a convenient, spill-proof alternative to cups or straws. It also means understanding the social and environmental context in which products are manufactured and how different materials compare for recycling or sustainability. Industrial designers produce design solutions which work for every link in the manufacturing chain.

At the same time, industrial designers understand how great design forges an emotional connection between products and people. An elegantly simple form which meets the practical demands of production must also be ergonomically, aesthetically and emotionally ideal for consumers.

Industrial designers work with engineers, accountants and marketers to turn good ideas into successful products. They can also play an important role beyond the production line, in branding, corporate identity, graphics, packaging and retail support. The marriage of artistic skills, technical expertise, social and environmental sensitivity and a keen insight into markets and consumers, creates a design professional with a wide range of rewarding career options to look forward to.

  Course subjects
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  Fundamental Drawing
3D Dimensional Studies
Theory and Practice of Design
English for Communication
History of Art and Design
Industrial Design
Digital Application in Design
Critical Studies
Introduction to Photography
Engineering Drawing
CAD Studies
Presentation Techniques
Workshop Practice
Material & Processes
Research Methodology
Computer 3D Modeling (Solidworks)
Furniture Science and Construction
Mechatronics Studies
Design Methodology
  Fee, Duration & Entry Requirements

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  Expected Fee : RM 25,000 - RM 40,000
  Duration : 2 Years
  Entry Requirements : SPM, Certificate, Foundation Studies
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  • Students are advised to seek professional study counselor’s help before choosing the course of study.
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